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Mailsend3r is a software solution designed to create professional email marketing campaigns, but in absolute simplicity. It has all the essential features to achieve your one true goal: deliver the email to the customer.

Mailsend3r is an effective tool that supports marketing professionals, demanding to deliver the greatest number of emails sent, and maintain privacy on email addresses used in. No email address is shared with others, nor can it be copied furtively.

It's an immediate and intuitive software. Learning times are reduced due to its simplicity of use.

Mailsend3r lets you to:

  • Create and send customized newsletters
  • Manage subscribers (also on several lists)
  • Track results
  • Check rebounds and keep updated lists
  • Support newsletter subscriptions through forms and pop-up recording
  • Send unlimited number of newsletters, no subscriptions
  • Keep confidential emails of subscribers to your newsletters.

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Intuitive and simple interface

All campaign settings are easily accessible in a single page. You can also change them if  campaign has already begun.

You can:

  • Create your template with "drag&drop" or html editor 
  • Specifies the sender, the subject and preheader
  • Choose recipients by selecting the preferred list
  • Send your email immediately or defer sending
  • Track mailings and bounces

Editor drag&drop

In a few steps, You can realize a newsletter with custom graphic content, to be displayed on any device:

  • Drag&drop editor with blocks
  • CMS: content completely self-contained
  • customizable colors and backgrounds
  • Order of blocks customizable
  • Customizable email templates
  • Graphic preview of the email
  • Sending email test

All newsletters and email templates are responsive.

Mobile friendly

Everyone will see newsletter on their smartphones. So you will avoid losing customers:

  • All templates are responsive
  • You can have a preview of the email before sending it
  • You can send a test email
  • You can have a preview of the display on iphone, small-tablet, ipad

Tracking and results analysis

Tracking and analysis of results. You can track and analyze the amount of opened emails, clicks, cancellations and rebounds. You can find out exactly who is interested in your newsletter:

  • Report of total openings, sent emails, clicked links, deleted emails
  • Report of open email for used devices (web or tablet)
  • Report of open emails for time ranges
  • Details email
  • Bounced email
  • Check bounces

Import your contacts

Manage your contacts is very simple. You can choose to enter the email yourself. Or you can import your mailing list in a few steps:

  • Import from Excel
  • Import from csv
  • Copy and paste
  • Single entry

Forms and pop-up subscription

You can create a subscription form for your newsletter, fit it to your graphic style and integrate it on any website:

  • Customizable subscription form
  • Customizable content and styles (background, text, button)
  • Customizable box-container size
  • HTML code to copy and paste on your site
  • Customizable pop-up subscription
  • Java-script code of pop-up to copy and paste on the site

Contact lists

We incorporated many features on contact lists to enable you to better manage your email:

  • Remove Duplicates from list
  • Remove Duplicates from all lists
  • Remove bounced emails
  • Remove deleted emails
  • Remove from this list the emails of another list
  • Join this list the emails of another list
  • Move email from one list to another
  • Export list in csv
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Frequent asked questions

Do you provided support?

Technical support for any malfunction is guaranteed for life, by phone, email or support ticket available at

Is the installation included?

Yes, it is. To perform the installation will be asked for ftp data and an empty mysql database.

There are any extra fee?

No, the price is € 299.00 + VAT and it includes all features

How many emails can I send?

Theoretically, there are no sending limits. We tested the system with more than 100,000 addresses, and it worked perfectly.

What tecnical requirements must have my server?

It must support the curl library which is supported by 99% of the servers in circulation.

Why buy your program and not a competitor subscription?

PWhy pay only 1 time, send email without limits to all the addresses you want, you are not subject to controls, no risk spam (you can change the SMTP server when you want)

Sent emails going in spam folder?

No, because you have to use to send an SMTP service that, if it is not blacklisted, it will go to your email spam.

-What are the recommended smtp server? allow you to send up to 25,000 emails about a month for free.