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Invia email a tutti i destinatari che vuoi senza limiti e senza problemi di spam.

Free resources

The best websites that actually offer free images to download

Every email needs appealing images. Here is a list of sites where you can download them for free.

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20 guidelines to avoid ending up in spam

Here are some signs to avoid ending up in spam.

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The best online sites where making a spam test to send out newsletters

Before sending the email, you can check for free if the content is considered spam.

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2 sites where you can test the display of emails before sending them

Litmus and Emailonacid allow you to test online and see the preview in real time without having to send email.

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10 free SMTP server to send tens of thousands of free email

You can send up to 50,000 emails per month for free if you use the free profile provided.

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The 10 most used email client ever

Do you know the mail client most used? Here is the complete list of the top 10.

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Frequent asked questions

Do you provided support?

Technical support for any malfunction is guaranteed for life, by phone, email or support ticket available at

Is the installation included?

Yes, it is. To perform the installation will be asked for ftp data and an empty mysql database.

There are any extra fee?

No, the price is € 299.00 + VAT and it includes all features

How many emails can I send?

Theoretically, there are no sending limits. We tested the system with more than 100,000 addresses, and it worked perfectly.

What tecnical requirements must have my server?

It must support the curl library which is supported by 99% of the servers in circulation.

Why buy your program and not a competitor subscription?

PWhy pay only 1 time, send email without limits to all the addresses you want, you are not subject to controls, no risk spam (you can change the SMTP server when you want)

Sent emails going in spam folder?

No, because you have to use to send an SMTP service that, if it is not blacklisted, it will go to your email spam.

-What are the recommended smtp server? allow you to send up to 25,000 emails about a month for free.